Meet asensei before anyone else.  Test new features and programs from our coaches before anyone else. You make asensei better,  she'll make you better.

asensei Watches as 

You Practice

Real-time coaching. Lock in good technique. Lock out bad habits. Unlock potential. 

Multi-week Coaching Programs

Structured programs adapt to your practice and progress. Not just personal training. Personalized training. 

Teaching, not Tracking

Let asensei take you through a teaching syllabus at a pace that matches your progress. 

Concept 2 Integration

Let asensei setup practice, save it in your logbook and share with  your friends. 

asensei Guided Workouts 

You follow our coaches. asensei will follow you. 

Your Lifelong Coaching Journal

asensei keeps notes so you don't have to. 

Personal Training with World Class Athletes

Whatever journey you're on, we have a coach to get you there.